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Professional Engineering Management  This is a Track

College : Engineering and Computer ScienceDegree : MS
Department : Industrial Engineering and Management SystemsOption : Nonthesis
Program Websites :


The Professional Engineering Management option is a cohort-based program where specific cohorts are established periodically based upon needs of industry.  For information about the start of the next cohort please contact the IEMS Graduate Coordinator Dr. Elshennawy ( or the Program Director Dr. Kotnour (

The Professional Engineering Management (PEM) track in the Industrial Engineering MS program focuses on effective decision-making and successful project delivery in engineering and technological organizations. The program is tailored to the needs of the experienced, working professional.


Total Credit Hours Required:
30 Credit Hours Minimum beyond the Bachelor's Degree

The Professional Engineering Management (PEM) track in the Industrial Engineering MS program requires an undergraduate degree in Engineering or a closely related discipline. Students with undergraduate degrees outside of industrial engineering may be required to take additional prerequisites. The program is designed to be a lock-step, cohort-based program that can be completed in approximately 15 to 18 months. It is available only in a nonthesis format that requires 12 credit hours of required courses and 18 credit hours of restricted electives.

Research studies are required in one or more courses. The research study and report will focus on reviewing and analyzing contemporary research in the profession in order to help students acquire knowledge and skills pertaining to research-based best practices.

A program of study must be developed with the graduate program director and meet with departmental approval. At least one-half of the credit hours required in a master's program of study must be taken in courses at the 6000 level or higher.


  • Mathematics through Calculus II (MAC 2312)

Required Courses—12 Credit Hours

  • EIN 5108 The Environment of Technical Organizations (3 credit hours)
  • EIN 5140 Project Engineering (3 credit hours)
  • EIN 6182 Engineering Management (3 credit hours)
  • ESI 5219 Engineering Statistics (3 credit hours)

Restricted Electives—18 Credit Hours

For each PEM cohort, six of the following courses will be offered.

  • EIN 5117 Management Information Systems I (3 credit hours)
  • EIN 5251 Usability Engineering (3 credit hours)
  • EIN 6357 Advanced Engineering Economic Analysis (3 credit hours)
  • EIN 6339 Operations Engineering (3 credit hours)
  • ESI 6224 Quality Management (3 credit hours)
  • ESI 6358 Decision Analysis (3 credit hours)
  • EIN 6528 Simulation-based Life Cycle Engineering (3 credit hours)
  • EIN 5356 Cost Engineering (3 credit hours)
  • EIN 6326 Technology Strategy (3 credit hours)
  • EIN 6459 Concurrent Engineering (3 credit hours)
  • EIN 6936 Seminar in Advanced Industrial Engineering (3 credit hours)
  • ESI 6551C Systems Engineering (3 credit hours)

Equipment Fee

Full-time students in the Industrial Engineering MS program pay a $90 equipment fee each semester that they are enrolled. For part-time students, the equipment fee is $45 per semester.

Independent Learning

The Independent Learning Requirement is met by successful completion of the research studies required in individual courses, EIN 6182 Engineering Management, and the capstone project that requires that students integrate material from all the courses in their program.

Application Requirements

For information on general UCF graduate admissions requirements that apply to all prospective students, please visit the Admissions section of the Graduate Catalog. Applicants must apply online. All requested materials must be submitted by the established deadline.

In addition to the general UCF graduate application requirements, applicants to this program must provide:

  • One official transcript (in a sealed envelope) from each college/university attended.
  • A bachelor’s degree in Engineering or a closely related discipline.
  • Two letters of recommendation.
  • Résumé.
  • Statement of educational, research, and professional career objectives.
  • Applicants applying to this program who have attended a college/university outside the United States must provide a course-by-course credential evaluation with GPA calculation. Credential evaluations are accepted from World Education Services (WES) or Josef Silny and Associates, Inc. only.


Graduate students may receive financial assistance through fellowships, assistantships, tuition support, or loans. For more information, see Student Finances, which describes the types of financial assistance available at UCF and provides general guidance in planning your graduate finances. The Financial Information section of the Graduate Catalog is another key resource.


Fellowships are awarded based on academic merit to highly qualified students. They are paid to students through the Office of Student Financial Assistance, based on instructions provided by the College of Graduate Studies. Fellowships are given to support a student’s graduate study and do not have a work obligation. For more information, see Fellowships, which includes descriptions of UCF fellowships and what you should do to be considered for a fellowship.