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Online @ UCF


UCF provides a number of online credit courses and select degree and certificate programs. The online course materials and methods  have been developed by UCF faculty to maximize the learner's achievement of course and program objectives, and to provide students with convenient and flexible learning opportunities.

Web-Based Graduate Degree Programs

Web-Based Graduate Certificates

*Note: There may be some courses in the degree and certificate programs above where attendance at examinations and/or presentation on the main campus is required.

Online courses are identified in the Class Schedule Search available at In the Advanced Search Criteria section use the drop-down list next to Mode of Instruction to search for values described below.

Online instruction modes are:

WORLD WIDE WEB (W): These are courses conducted via Web-based instruction and collaboration. Some courses may require in-person or proctored examinations and/or minimal campus attendance.

MIXED-MODE/REDUCED SEAT TIME (M): These courses include both required classroom attendance and online instruction. All M classes have substantial activity conducted over the Web, which will substitute for some classroom meetings.

VIDEO STREAMING (V): These are courses delivered over the Web via streaming digital video, which may be supplemented by additional Web activity, projects or exams.

VIDEO STREAMING/REDUCED SEAT TIME (RV): In these courses, classroom-based content is available over the Web via streaming video and classroom attendance is not required. Other required activities that substitute for video instruction may include any of the following elements: Web activity, in-person or proctored examinations, and labs. See course notes for details.

Complete listings of all fully and partially web-based classes from the class schedule are also excerpted and available on the Learning Online website at Students who plan to enroll in any course with a web component must have access to the Internet, a Web browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox, basic web-browsing knowledge, ability to use e-mail, and basic computer skills such as word processing. For additional information, refer to the Learning Online website (

Online@UCF is supported by the Center for Distributed Learning. The Center's mission is to provide support to students, faculty and staff in the development and planning of distributed learning courses and programs. The Center serves as the central agent for online learning at UCF, providing leadership in distance learning policies, strategies, and practices. The Center also coordinates the university's standards and accreditation changes resulting from web-based instruction.


Center for Distributed Learning
Assistant Vice President: Thomas B. Cavanagh or call 407-823-4910
Web Address: